Foster Care

Becoming a foster parent can be a wonderful experience, not only for the parent but the child as well.  Many people are hesitant to foster children because of a belief that the children in foster care are "damaged."  This belief could not be more wrong.  Children are a product of their environment and although many of them do have behavior problems, given the right environment a child can overcome almost any obstacle.  Structure as well as the knowledge that someone is there to care for them can help any child grow to become a functional healthy member of society. 

Important information for prospective foster and adoptive parents

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please contact Lisa Watson (757) 365-3659
Requirements to Foster
  • Foster/Adopt Application
  • Copy of Green Card or Residency Papers (if applicable)
  • Finger Print Cards
  • Release for Child Protective Services (CPS) Background Search
  • Psychological Evaluation (paid for by the agency)
  • Compliance Form
  • Corporal Punishment Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Acknowledgement Form
  • Behavior Rating Sheet
  • Copy of Current Driver's License
  • Copy of DMV Driving Record
  • Proof of Current Car Insurance Coverage Policy
  • Proof of Current Health Insurance Coverage Policy
  • Proof of Life Insurance Policy (if applicable)
  • Doctor's Health Statement
  • Copy of Current Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Test Results
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree (if applicable)
  • Copy of Most Recent Pay Stub
  • List of Monthly Expenses and Income
  • Statement of Current Home Value and Amount of Current Mortgage
  • Copy of Most Recent Federal Tax Return
  • List of Four Personal References With Current Contact Information
  • Copy of Completed Home Study (to be completed by agency worker)
  • Copy of Household Fire Evacuation Plan
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